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The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds

Set in Reynolds Revelation Space universe, this could be seen as a loose prequel to some of his other novels but is independent enough that a casual reader would not be lost. Set during the height of the majesty of the Glitter Band (a utopian society of 10,000 space habitats orbiting the world of Yellowstone, the hub of human trade and colonization) the plot foreshadows the plague seen in earlier books. We are introduced to Tom Dreyfus a law enforcement officer called a prefect tasked with providing security to the band. An investigation into the violent destruction of one of the habitats with over 900 people killed grows stranger and stranger as Tom delves deeper. The ultimate truth could spell doom for the entire glitter band. In many ways this is a classic noir story. A relentless detective, a bright but damaged sidekick and a murder plot so convoluted it twists back on itself. A fun read that kept me guessing.

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