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The last campaign

The last campaign : Robert F. Kennedy and 82 days that inspired America by Thurston Clarke

This book was an uplifting and inspirational read about a campaign that took place during one of the most turbulent years in American history. There is a sadness and foreboding throughout the text, but the author also relays a hope that the United States can one day experience the unity he argues occurred during the too-brief campaign of Robert Kennedy in 1968. If this book has one flaw it’s that the author is guilty of hero-worship; he writes as if RFK is almost super-human and has no flaws of his own save ambition. But Clarke does an excellent job of following Kennedy and his campaign team across the country and making the reader feel as if he or she is actually a member of that team. We cheer during the ups, furrow our brow during the downs, and wonder to ourselves what might have been – and what can still be. I definitely recommend this book for social and political history enthusiasts.         

Sarah P.

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