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Crime by Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh, author of “Trainspotting” and “If You Liked School, You’ll Love Work“, has written another classic novel: “Crime“. Ray Lennox is a troubled Scottish detective who is on vacation in Florida with his fiance, Trudi. Ray has a special hatred for pedophiles and this vacation is actually supposed to help him recover from a particularly horrible pedophilia/murder case that he solved but that caused him to go back to his old habits of drinking and drug use. The way Ray looks at it is ok, he did capture the pedophile but does that do anything for the little girl the predator abducted, raped over a three day period, and then strangled? Ray feels he should’ve been able to rescue her, preferably before the first molestation took place. He is placed on anti depressants and goes on this vacation but Trudi drives him (and the reader) almost crazy with her endless wedding planning (colors, invitations, etc) and constant perusal of “Perfect Bride” magazine. Ray and Trudi end up in a big fight, Ray leaves and goes to the bars where he runs into a couple women and goes back to their place to party. One of the women has a little girl and later in the the evening Ray discovers one of the other men in the apartment in the child’s bedroom trying to molest her. So the story goes with Ray on the run across Florida with the little girl, trying to save her from what seems to be pedophiles everywhere he turns.

This is a gritty novel with graphic language and violence. Hard to put down.

Stacy W.

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