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50/50 by Dean Karnazes

If you need some motivation to keep up with your running, read something written

by Dean Karnazes. In his latest book “50/50”, Karnazes goes through what it takes to do 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. Although this is something that seems almost super human, Karnazes (“fittest man in the world”) believes that with the same amount of dedication any of us can achieve what he does. This book takes you through it all: training, food, rest, etc. He even has a doctor take samples of his blood every couple days. “50/50” is pure inspiration from its rejection of our consumer culture that has people believing that everything in life should be made easier and faster to his theories about going back to our roots when it comes to eating and running. He says that human beings were made to run and keep moving-what is unnatural is to sit at a desk at work all day and then sit on a couch all evening. Karnazes not only has been an idol to lots of adult runners, he also founded “Karno’s Kids” an organization whose goal is to get kids to be more active-their motto is “no child left inside”. During these 50 marathons, Karnazes was able to meet many people young and old who look up to him and who came out to run with him. So whether you are just starting out running or you are looking to stay motivated like me, “50/50” will get you on your way with lots of sound advice. If running a marathon every day for over seven weeks is not encouragement enough for you, then I also recommend Karnazes’ book “Ultra Marathon Man” which details his life running marathons of 100 miles or more at a time-now that’s inspirational! Stacy W.

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