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King of Swords by Nick Stone

King of Swords by Nick Stone is a 560 page crime novel that reads like one half that size-it’s a fast read and hard to put down.  Set in Miami in the 1980s, this story has dirty cops, cocaine fueled criminals, voodoo rituals and ceremonies, politicians who are as bad as the criminals, and a bad guy that controls the whole city but no-one has ever even seen what he looks like.  The two cops who are trying to bring him down don’t realize how corrupt their boss is (although there are degrees of corruption that are ok by them).  This story
makes you think about a) do the ends justify the means? Does justice have to be served in the courtroom only? and b) how much loyalty is owed to a mentor-someone who has made you what you are today?  What I like about this book is that the good guys don’t necessarily win in the end and one of the main bad people actually comes away doing better than ever.  I can definitely see a sequel being written to this book and /or a movie being made from this story.

Stacy W.

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