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Revelation by C.J. Sansom

Readers of historical mysteries must rejoice every time C.J. Sansom comes out with a new book and his newest, “Revelation”, does not disappoint. The book continues the series starring the hunchback London lawyer, Matthew Shardlake, and the politically charged atmosphere of England in the 1500s. Henry the VIII rules the land and a constantly changing stream of queens and advisers flow through the books. “Revelation” has Shardlake trying to figure out who is behind the killings of lapsed religious radicals and the murders are committed in ways that are taken straight from the book of Revelation in the Bible. He must do this along with the king’s coroner and they must keep the murders secret from everyone, even the king, as they do not want anything to stand in the way of the king’s courtship of Catherine Parr. These were dangerous times for anyone with religious inclinations (or lack thereof) and what a person believed and thought was fine with the court (indeed, what the king himself believed) could change at anytime. People think that political correctness goes too far these days-try the 1500s. Butchers are rounded up throughout the book for selling meat during Lent, etc. Is it possible to keep a serial murderer and his victims secret (especially when some of the victims are prominent people)? Read this to find out and if you like it, his others are just as good.

Stacy W.

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