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Vanilla Ride by Joe Lansdale

Joe Lansdale’s latest book “Vanilla Ride” is hilarious and violent. The two main characters, Hap and Leonard, are extremely likeable Texan smart alecks who tend to create mayhem wherever they ramble but their intentions are always good-even if those intentions involve murdering/maiming people which seems to happen every couple chapters. The story begins easily enough [...]

Twenties Girl by Sophia Kinsella

Twenties Girl, by Sophie Kinsella Nothing seems to be going right for Lara Lington, a twenty-something Londoner.  Her business partner deserted her, she can’t stop thinking about her ex-boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to go to the funeral of her 105-year-old great aunt Sadie. Then Sadie appears at her funeral as a 1920s flapper ghost, [...]

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