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The Writer and the City

The concept of ‘armchair travel’ seems a bit antiquated in these days of discount world-wide travel, but happily this small series, “The Writer and the City” from Bloomsbury Press will do much to revive this neglected literary genre.  “Caveat Emptor…[begins the preface].  This is not a guidebook, nor was it meant to be.  As to [...]

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels This international best-seller from the late 1990’s is not plot driven, or even character driven, it is metaphor driven and a poetic exploration of a braid of life, death, and emotion. I luxuriated in the imagery and ideas and feelings of this award-winning debut novel; I actually fell in love with [...]

Invisible by Paul Auster

It is very hard to review this book because telling you any little bit of the plot may diminish the experience for you, the reader. Having said that I will give you a metaphor that will (hopefully!) pique your curiousity. Reading Invisible by Paul Auster is like accepting a ride from an aquaintance. Chapter 1. [...]

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