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Invisible by Paul Auster

It is very hard to review this book because telling you any little bit of the
plot may diminish the experience for you, the reader. Having said that I will
give you a metaphor that will (hopefully!) pique your curiousity.

Reading Invisible by Paul Auster is like accepting a ride from an aquaintance.
Chapter 1. You accept the ride. Chapter 2. You’re chatting and enjoying the
trip. 3. He speeds up, runs a red light, and makes an obscence gesture to the
car next to you. 4. You’ve reached your destination, you think you’ll just get
out and be on your way, but the aquaintence speeds up and runs the car off a
cliff. The End.

If you like Paul Auster, you’ll love this book. I loved this book.

Sherri Mc

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