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The Fitzgerald Ruse by Mark de Castrique

I am always interested in mysteries with a literary connection, no matter how tenuous!  Here’s a new series of which this title, The Fitzgerald Ruse, is the second.  The Fitzgerald Ruse is a Sam Blackman private-eye series in which both the setting, Ashville, NC and literature, in terms of novelist, F.S. Fitzgerald is featured.  The author, Mark de Castrique knows whereof he speaks having grown up in the mountains of North Carolina.  His knowledge of area lore figures into the mystery itself and the strong sense of setting adds to readers’ enjoyment.  There’s a contemporary twist, in that the Blackman character is an Iraq war veteran.  The plot is furthered by Blackwater operatives. De Castrique is able to develop a plot that includes a contemporary investigation in Iraq coupled with the 1930s/40s literati and domestic political intrigue.  The plot all includes a dark note in American political life—that of William Dudley Pelley and the Silver Legion of America, a real-life fascist organization that at one time was headquartered in Asheville and numbered 15,000 members.  I’ll be watching for the next title.

Amy P.

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