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When the body of a murdered illegal immigrant teenage girl is found in Richard Helms’ Six Mile Creek, it leads to more violent incidents that ratchet up the tension between the latino and white populations in school and in town. The town barely has any middle class left and seems to be made up of rich white people and the illegal Mexican immigrants who work for them. The police chief, Judd Wheeler, has to try to solve the girls’ murder and as the investigation progresses, he steps on a lot of toes (mainly the white kids on the football team and their parents). Compounding this is the fact that the girl’s body is found exactly where Judd’s wife died years ago. Keeping the peace and trying to contain what could be become an all out race war (at least at the high school) while trying to solve the murder and the other vicious assaults that later happen takes all the energy and skills Judd and his workforce of two other officers have. Of course, his job is also constantly under threat as he is rattling the cages of some of the town’s wealthiest citizens. Extremely fast read.

Stacy W.

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