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Bark by Cedric Pollet

Bark is an amazing book, rightly subtitled “an intimate look at the world’s trees”.  Its dramatic, purple, cerise and green cover drew me to it.  Because I love walking in the woods and examining trees, Bark was highly browsable.   Representing 10 years of photography, Cedric Pollet’s coffee table sized book, is arranged as an imaginary voyage around the world. Each tree is featured in a 2-page spread.  One page is filled with a photo of the bark with the facing page containing a paragraph of text about the tree and more images. I particularly enjoyed learning more about the many birches around the world.

Born in Nice France, Pollet studied agricultural engineering in Lyon, and then during a stint at Reading University, he became entranced with English gardens and experimenting with photography.  Finally when he realized that “flowers didn’t quite do it for me”, he began to focus exclusively on trees in their native environs. Bark is the result. Learn more about this intriguing professional at

Amy P.

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