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The Devil by Ken Bruen

Ken Bruen is one of those authors who usually can do no wrong in my eyes and The Devil did not disappoint me.  The novel features one of Bruen’s most popular characters, P.I. Jack Taylor.  I found this book actually somewhat scary because it seemed so realistic-Jack keeps running across this guy who goes by the name of Kurt or Carl or Mr. K.  Sometimes the man is bald and sometimes he has long flowing blond hair but otherwise he looks just the same and he is definitely evil.  Jack first experiences this demon at the airport when he is trying to emigrate to America and a woman warns him that another man has been watching him.  Jack blows off the warning and the woman has an accident.  These accidents keep happening to others that Jack talks to until he can no longer dismiss them as coincidences anymore and he has to deal with the devil.  Written in that staccato Bruen style that I love and full of heavy drinking, violence, and Irish gloominess, The Devil is a wonderfully dark read.
Stacy W.

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