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Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Some people speak of Stephen King like an aging rock band-his early staff was great but his later stuff is mediocre at best.  I guess I would’ve agreed because all my favorites of his are earlier works Salem’s Lot, The Stand.  You could’ve counted me as skeptical when his latest book Full Dark, No Stars got some pretty good reviews but I thought I would give it a try and it was hard to put down!  The book consists of 4 short stories and I think 2 of them, 1922 and Big Driver could count among his best.  1922 is one of those stories where you’re actually rooting for the bad guy (or at least I was) and Big Driver is one of those stories where the victim takes retribution into her own hands and takes care of business.  If you have drifted away from King’s  books in recent years, give this one a try!

Stacy W.

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4 Responses to “Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King”

  1. Hi, I’m almost thirteen and I’ve taken a liking in Stephen King books. I really want to read his book Cell, but he has so many books and I don’t really know where to pick up after it. So I was wondering Stephen King lovers, Which of his many books did you enjoy the most?

  2. Stephen King
    The best horror writer in the world.
    I want to write his typa stuff but I’m 13 and I dont want people to think I’m disturbed.
    Should I go with my dream to scare people or will people think I’m crazy/psycho/morbidly obsessed.

  3. Brain- I wasn’t a big fan of “Cell” but everyone’s taste is different so you might like it. As I stated in my review, I like King’s early stuff best. I highly recommend “Salem’s Lot”. If you want to read a huge book then you can tackle “The Stand”. Last but not least, how about just getting your feet wet w/ a collection of his short stories like the book I reviewed or “Skeleton Crew”?

  4. Thomas- if you want to start writing stories then you can always check out our library’s section of books on becoming a writer-it’s a pretty big section and I’m sure there is advice on writing horror stories. If you come into our big downtown library then you can go to the reference desk (it’s the big round one) and the people there will be able to help you out.

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