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Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich

One of the great librarians here at TCPL recommended Made from Scratch to me because she knew about my interest in becoming more self-sufficient.  What I liked about this book is that the author, Jenna Woginrich, has a lot of the same feelings as I do: a dislike for the rampant consumerism in today’s world, a wariness of how our food (meat or vegetables) is produced, and an unhappiness with the mind set that everything we do has to be faster and easier than previous generations did it.  On top of all this, Woginrich is young-most of the books I have read on becoming self-reliant have been by people older than I am and while they have contained a wealth of information, they are also intimidating.  Woginrich, a web designer, is taking on small projects and making lots of mistakes along the way.  She encourages everyone to just do what they can/enjoy doing and does not get preachy about using electricity or gas.  She enjoys the food from her garden and the eggs from her chickens, antique kitchen gadgets (why buy shredded cheese when you can grate your own in 3 minutes and burn calories doing it?), baking her own bread and playing the fiddle.  She doesn’t have everything she wants-she lives on a rental property where the landlord will not let her have sheep and she still has to go to the office every day.  But the point of the book is to live in the moment and be happy with the life you have, the changes you have made to be more self-sufficient (even if it’s just a window box of lettuce in an apartment) and just keep your goals in mind for tomorrow.  Very inspirational!

Stacy W.

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