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Even though I am a librarian myself, I firmly believe that everyone needs their own personal librarian to point them in great reading viewing and listening directions.

I had that experience at TCPL recently when a staffer who knew I was a Sherlock Holmes aficionado, pointed me to The Murder Room: the Heirs of Sherlock Holmes gather to solve the world’s most perplexing cold cases (363.25 C255M 2010).

In Michael Capuzzo’s book, I learned about the Vidocq Society, a true-life collaboration of consulting detectives who follow up on cold-cases.  The Murder Room follows members of the group from their dinner society meetings to the field where they unravel perplexing cases.  This is gripping, satisfying reading where good eventually triumphs over evil — in real life as opposed to between the pages of detective novels.  Highly recommended.

Why not share your reading interests with one of our staffers…and follow up on their recommendations?

Amy P.

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