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Deadliest Sea by Kalee Thompson

Remember reading The Perfect Storm and what a great book that was with its portrayal of the immense ocean and how dangerous it can be?  Well, if you liked that book you will also like Deadliest Sea by Kalee Thompson.  This book shows once again why fishermen have some of the most dangerous jobs in the world-between an unpredictable sea and weather and companies that own the boats cutting corners so they can widen their profit margins, it’s a wonder more fishermen do not die.  To exacerbate these problems, many of the workers on these fishing boats are now immigrants with little english and some have never even been on a boat before-trying to get them to understand what to do to save their lives during a crisis is next to impossible (especially if routine safety drills are not done).  Probably the best part of this book for me was learning all about the Coast Guard and gaining such an admiration for the people who serve in it.  Of course, the rescue that happens in the book is awesome but the fact that these men and women are risking their lives on a daily basis in our surrounding oceans and on the five Great Lakes and most of us don’t even think about it is sad, too.  There also seems to be just as many unsavory things going on in the fishing boats with the fish we catch as there are in the slaughterhouses with the land farm animals-makes you want to not eat anything you don’t grow or catch yourself!  But this is a side issue and do not let it discourage you from reading this book because you will be amazed at the job the Coast Guard does for us.

Stacy W.

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