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Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto

In Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto, Roy Cady is an enforcer for a loan shark named Stan.  Roy is pretty good at his job but the one fact that he can’t change is that at one time he had a relationship with Carmen, his boss’s current girlfriend.  It’s hard for Roy to believe that his boss wants him dead because of Carmen-she has a lot of former flames that Stan would have to eliminate also.  But his boss does try to set him up, Roy doesn’t fall for it, and in the middle of the whole situation he rescues a young hooker (Rocky) from certain death.  Roy and Rocky go on the run from the loan shark and although Roy knows he should drop Rocky off somewhere and just keep running alone, he can’t bring himself to do it.  Somehow, besides rescuing her physically he also wants to rescue her from her old life and make sure she’s on her way to a normal life before he moves on down the road.  This book does not have one cheerful or humorous moment in it which is just the way I like my fiction.  Great debut for Indiana author Pizzolatto.

Stacy W.

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