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Under the Dome by Stephen King

It had been a few years since I had picked up a Stephen King novel, a patron recommended Under The Dome and I took it home hoping it would be a novel that would keep my attention and it sure did! Imagine waking up one day going about your business and suddenly an invisible dome has been turned on around your town that extends miles upwards and into the ground. Trapped in a town torn into 2 factions, politicians/police and everyday Joes the characters were a variety that kept your interest throughout the novel.  This is a classic story of good vs evil in that the politicians were hiding their drug smuggling/manufacturing business while politician Jim Rennie and his ragtag group of  “police” constantly picked upon the Joes who were trying to keep the town going and to trying to find out how to turn off the dome. Although this book is graphic in nature at times, like most of Stephen’s novels, it kept the motif of his past works and the twist at the end of what caused the dome to activate was very well written also. Under the Dome is quite lengthy packing a whopping 1074 pages, very reminiscent of another one his novels  The Stand be sure to plan ahead when you read this novel as you will be wondering what is going to be happening next with each page you read.

Jolene L.


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