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Cold Comfort by Quentin Bates

I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland.  I haven’t got there yet, but  I do vicariously visit by reading fiction set in the land of fire and ice.  A new series by Quentin Bates, a UK journalist who lived in Iceland for 10 plus years, recently caught my attention.  Cold Comfort is the second Officer Gunnhildur mystery.  Gunnhildur is a female police detective recently promoted to Reykjavik’s serious crime unit.  She’s a widow with an adult son, and teenage daughter.  Developing relationships in her new role and finely drawn ones from her rural post add to the intrigue.  Cold Comfort tackles the seamy side of the financial collapse, and the corruption that leads to murder and unexpected linkages between convicts and government officials.  This is the second novel in an excellent police procedural series that rises above the usual procedurals with its social commentary and determined lead character.

Amy P.

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