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Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson once again hits a home run with Hell is Empty. If you are unfamiliar with his mystery series starring Sheriff Walt Longmire, I highly recommend it and you do not have to read the series in order. Although similar to C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett series, I am beginning to prefer Johnson (Box’s recent Cold Wind spent a little bit too much time on the wife and kids and not enough on his friends and criminals-I hope he gets back on track). In Hell is Empty,  Sheriff Longmire and his deputy are transporting 3 criminals to a meeting with the FBI and everything goes pretty well. After custody is transferred however, a blizzard begins and things begin to go haywire. While chasing the escapees, Longmire is rescued from a bad situation by Virgil White Buffalo, an eccentric Native American who has helped him in the past. On their quest, Walt and Virgil frequently come close to dying and as always, Wyoming’s fierce weather and rugged mountains play key parts in the story. You will not catch Sheriff Longmire playing the desk bound administrator in this series because he’s a man of action. In addition, his deputies add a lot of flavor to the series, especially his foul mouthed girlfriend/deputy Vic. Try  Hell is Empty and get ready to become obsessed with this series!

Stacy W.

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