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Her Husband: Hughes and Plath-a Marriage by Diane Middlebrook

If you think you read everything/don’t want to hear any more about the tragic life of Sylvia Path and her husband/fellow poet, Ted Hughes, think again! Her Husband: Hughes and Plath—a Marriage by Diane Middlebrook tells a profoundly human and frequently joyful story of talented people passionate about their art and their life. It made me ready to reread their literary work and celebrate their contributions to western culture. ALA’s Booklist magazine sums it up perfectly. “Middlebrook, the author of a seminal biography of poet Anne Sexton, presents the most balanced, most literary and interpretatively astute, and best-written analysis yet of the saga of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. By mapping the attractive, aggressive, ambitious, and profoundly inspired poets’ family histories, and delving deeply into their dynamic imaginations, personal mythologies, and galvanizing poetry, Middlebrook brings mystical yet rapacious Hughes and frenetic and determined Plath into crisp focus, brilliantly explicating each poet’s incomparable gifts and tragic flaws.”

Amy P.

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