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A Congregation of Jackals by S. Craig Zahler

If you normally do not read westerns, you might want to start with S. Craig Zahler’s  A Congregation of Jackals. It’s a story of four bad guys gone good and the moment when their past catches up with them. No-one close to the men knows of their past as a gang of bank robbers and murderers and they strive to keep it that way. There are, however, degrees of wickedness and when you meet the other gang in the story (led by a psycho named Quinlan), you come face to face with true evil. After years of searching, Quinlan’s gang tracks down the former bank robbers to even an old score. Gathering to celebrate the wedding of one of their men to (of all things) the daughter of the town sheriff, the men try to vigilant but the evil guys get through. This story is full of surprises and the author did not take the easy road with the ending. One warning: very violent and sometimes that violence involves animals.

Stacy W.

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