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Crossing by Xia Fukuda

Crossing by Andrew Xia Fukuda is the heartbreaking story of Xing Xu, a teenage Chinese immigrant in a high school that is all-white except for one other Asian student. Although the two students are friends, they are very different as Xing is quiet, withdrawn and a mediocre student, whereas Naomi is outgoing, a top student [...]

Before the End, After the Beginning by Dagoberto Gilb

Too busy to read?  You can answer with a resounding “No”, by selecting Short Stories as your subject search in Tipcat (click here) .  One gem among the over 1000 items from which to choose, is Dagoberto Gilb’s collection, Before the End, After the Beginning. Gilb, whose previous books are The Flowers, Gritos, Woodcuts of Women, [...]

Drinking With Miss Dutchie by Ed Breslin

Drinking with Miss Dutchie by Ed Breslin is not the best book I’ve read in a while but nevertheless it is a worthwhile read especially if you love animals. The book is about the author’s struggle with alcoholism and nervous breakdowns and how adopting a dog helped him fight these demons. Breslin absolutely adores his [...]

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: a Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

On a long car trip I listened to the talking book version of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: a Year of Food Life  by best-selling novelist Barbara Kingsolver.  Driving past Midwestern farm fields, I became engrossed in the story of the family’s move from Tucson, Arizona to a family farm in the Appalachian foothills of  Virginia.  Realizing [...]

Guantanamo: if the light goes out by Edmund Clark

Photographer Edmund Clark presents a remarkable photo essay of ‘home’ at Guantanamo and Omar Deghayes ‘home’ in Britain.  Also containing a sampling of the letters of support Deghayes received from around the world, Clark’s juxtapositions of the prison camp and the suburban British home tell a truly human story of an inhuman situation.  Clark specializes [...]

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

I’m a sucker for a book with an interesting title and this one got my attention. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon is an intriguing book and different from anything I’ve read in awhile.  For instance, the chapters are numbered with only prime numbers and it’s written as if [...]

May B. : A Novel by Caroline Starr Rose

*May B.: A Novel by Caroline Starr Rose* A young girl’s struggles Told in verse. Abandoned on the Kansas plains. Finding her voice amidst the howling silence. If you like Sharon Creech, Karen Hesse. A historical with heart. Cathy R.

The Call by Yannick Murphy

The Call by Yannick Murphy is a neat book that tells the story of a rural large animal veterinarian and his family. There aren’t really chapters-the book is split into parts that coincide with the seasons and inside those parts the author lists the vet’s call-outs: what was wrong, what action he took, the result, [...]

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

In my opinion, the best writer of Nordic noir is Jo Nesbø. I first encountered his writing with his third novel, Redbreast, and was electrified by its complex plot moving between contemporary life and the last days of World War II. I’ve just finished The Snowman, Nesbø’s latest novel, and I will never view this [...]

Into the Darkness by V.C. Andrews

I was pleased to be able to read V.C. Andrews latest novel called Into the Darkness this week. This book was released at the end of February 2012 and is the first V.C. Andrews book released in 2012. Another interesting fact about Into the Darkness is that it is only the 2nd V.C. Andrews book [...]

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