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The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

In my opinion, the best writer of Nordic noir is Jo Nesbø. I first encountered his writing with his third novel, Redbreast, and was electrified by its complex plot moving between contemporary life and the last days of World War II. I’ve just finished The Snowman, Nesbø’s latest novel, and I will never view this iconic winter image in the same fashion again. While the tale is not as complex or as well-written as Redbreast, The Snowman features Detective Harry Hole as he faces off against a killer who attacks with the first snowfall. Hole, the most fallable and obsessed of detectives is drawn very well as is Katrine Bratt, a new officer, whose role in the mystery contains many surprises. If you enjoy Patricia Cornwall’s Scarpetta novels, you will like Nesbø.

Amy P.

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