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The Call by Yannick Murphy

The Call by Yannick Murphy is a neat book that tells the story of a rural large animal veterinarian and his family. There aren’t really chapters-the book is split into parts that coincide with the seasons and inside those parts the author lists the vet’s call-outs: what was wrong, what action he took, the result, his thoughts, and what the animal’s owner and the vet’s family said and did. Like a lot of men, he also seems to be obsessed with what’s for dinner. After a hunting accident, his son slips into a coma and the vet has to continue working when all he wants to do is search for the anonymous hunter who caused the accident. Meanwhile he is worrying about the economy and whether or not he is getting less call-outs as people try to deal with their animals’ illnesses themselves. I realize it is fiction, but there are still lots of interesting animals and farmers in this book! As the author’s husband is a veterinarian, I’ll bet she has heard a lot of stories from him over the years and incorporated some of them into this book. I really liked the no chapter format!

Stacy W.

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