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Crossing by Xia Fukuda

Crossing by Andrew Xia Fukuda is the heartbreaking story of Xing Xu, a teenage Chinese immigrant in a high school that is all-white except for one other Asian student. Although the two students are friends, they are very different as Xing is quiet, withdrawn and a mediocre student, whereas Naomi is outgoing, a top student [...]

Before the End, After the Beginning by Dagoberto Gilb

Too busy to read?  You can answer with a resounding “No”, by selecting Short Stories as your subject search in Tipcat (click here) .  One gem among the over 1000 items from which to choose, is Dagoberto Gilb’s collection, Before the End, After the Beginning. Gilb, whose previous books are The Flowers, Gritos, Woodcuts of Women, [...]

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