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Crossing by Xia Fukuda

Crossing by Andrew Xia Fukuda is the heartbreaking story of Xing Xu, a teenage Chinese immigrant in a high school that is all-white except for one other Asian student. Although the two students are friends, they are very different as Xing is quiet, withdrawn and a mediocre student, whereas Naomi is outgoing, a top student and fits in well in the community. Students constantly make fun of Xing and compare him to the Virginia Tech killer since he is such a loner. Teachers and other adults either ignore him, assume he can’t speak English since he is so quiet, or also mock him (like the teacher who can’t pronounce his name and calls him Ex-ing X-you). While local teenagers are being kidnapped and murdered, Xing is slowly revealing a talent he has kept hidden since coming to America. Just as Xing’s talent finally moves him towards acceptance, even popularity, amongst his classmates, he also becomes a local hero for saving a girl from certain death. Is Xing’s new social acceptance a fleeting thing? You will have to check out this extremely fast read in order to find out!

Stacy W.

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  1. I read this was well. Loved it!

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