Here we will post our musings on a wide variety of titles. You can comment on our posts and find the titles in our catalog.

Hope: A Tragedy by Shalom Auslander

I really enjoyed this book!  The main character, Solomon Kugel is a worrywart times five. He is Jewish, guilt-ridden and hopeless. He has moved his family to the suburbs for some peace, quiet, and fresh air… but he doesn’t get it. There is contention between he and his wife Bree because he has brought his [...]

Ranchero by Rick Gavin

In Rick Gavin’s Ranchero, Nick Reid works as a repo man for a rent to own shop in the Mississippi Delta.  One day his old Nova breaks down and so his landlady Pearl lets him borrow her dead husband’s mint condition 1969 Ranchero.  When Nick tries to repossess a TV from some of the Dubois [...]

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