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His Name was Raoul Wallenberg: Courage, Rescue, and Mystery During World War II by Louise Borden

Who was Raoul Wallenberg? Few people recognize his name, which is the whole point of His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg. In 2005, the author Louise Borden wrote a fabulous biography about the creators of Curious George and their escape from Nazi-occupied France. Now seven years later, Borden’s writing is mesmerizing, as she creates outrage over Hitler’s crimes towards the Jews. When the world hesitated, Sweden sent Wallenberg to Budapest. His brilliant invention of a Schutz-Pass, or passport, placed Jews under the protection of the Swedish government. Wallenberg’s biography is chock full of photographs, but none more powerful than the opening page with a simple classroom photograph, each child numbered. Borden asks us to look closely at number 19. “Read it aloud. Let it echo. Raoul Wallenberg.” Then she takes us on a journey about a man who Society has forgotten, but never by the thousands he saved.

Cathy R.

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