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Temple Grandin: How the girl who loved cows embraced autism and changed the world by Sy Montgomery

The story of Temple Grandin by Sy Montgomery is written for kids who just don’t fit in.  Temple Grandin was diagnosed with the brain disorder known as autism when she was three.  Her father wanted to send his daughter to live in an institution but her mother knew Temple was smart. She found schools and teachers who believed in Temple and could help her.  Temple loved to invent and build things.  As a young child she experimented with kites and parachutes to find the best design.  Later, she learned carpentry and built a gate that could be opened from inside a car.  But her most useful invention came from her love for animals.  Temple has a special gift of knowing how animals feel.  Her love for cows helped her develop a system used in livestock processing to keep cattle calm.  The girl everyone thought was “retarded” grew up to go to college and become a professor.  The girl who could not speak or understand words now gives talks on animals and autism all over the world.  Filled with pictures of Temple growing up, and stories from her friends and teachers, readers will be introduced to a new friend they’d like to meet.  TCPL also owns a DVD titled Temple Grandin, starring Clare Danes.

Britt B.

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