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Maggie’s Second Chance by Nancy Furstinger

Maggie’s Second Chance by Nancy Furstinger is a picture book that tells the story of a pregnant dog abandoned when her owners move.  Luckily before she starves to death (they left her inside an empty house), a realtor discovers her and gets her to the dog pound.  She delivers her puppies and of course they are all adopted but as a full grown black dog, the odds are against Maggie (for some reason black dogs and cats are less likely to be adopted than other colors).  Fourth graders in Maggie’s small town are upset to find out that their pound is killing 700 dogs a year so they come up with a plan for a no kill shelter and present it to the city council.  The council agrees to the plan and Maggie is saved.  This book is based on a true story and the part that is really amazing is that children came up with the plan and help run the sanctuary.  They have found homes for five thousand animals since 2003!

Stacy W.

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