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The Real Romney by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman

It’s a presidential election year, and one way to learn more about the presidential candidates is to read books written about them or by them.  There’s a lot available in book form by/about President Obama and you can check TCPL holdings by clicking this link here. What’s been written in book form about Mitt Romney?  Not nearly as much, (check here for TCPL holdings here)  but one new title, The Real Romney, attempts to address the paucity of book material.  I chose to read this title because it was written by Boston Globe staff writers, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, whom I thought would have some insights into Mr. Romney given his term as Massachusetts governor.  The book provides a pretty comprehensive biographical picture of Romney.  It covers his formative years in Michigan, at Stanford and in Europe very well. It also contains interesting material about his family and religious life.  As a result of reading this title,  I also have a much more detailed picture of his work at Bain Capital and Bain Consulting than I have received from news commentators.  Interestingly enough, what’s written about Romney’s term as governor, is sketchy at best, and the book ends rather abruptly with with his 2012 campaign announcement.  No attempt, perhaps not surprisingly is made to sum up Mr. Romney.  That said, if you are interested in the man behind the politics, The Real Romney is well worth reading.

Amy P.

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