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Creepers by David Morrell

Creepers by David Morrell won the 2005 Bram Stoker award for horror and I have just now read it.  It’s a pretty good book about a group of urban explorers (creepers) who search for old abandoned buildings to illegally enter and look through.  In this story the group targets a closed hotel in Asbury Park.  The group’s goal is to get in without damaging anything, explore, and to not take any items or leave any trace of themselves behind.  Of course, some of the group members have hidden agendas, some of the hotel’s rooms have a horrible history, and in addition the group is unaware that there are other evil people that are interested in the hotel.  The author is a veteran writer (he wrote First Blood which introduced the world to John Rambo) and the book is fast paced and a quick easy read.

Stacy W.

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