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Modernism Rediscovered by Pierluigi Serraino and Julius Shulman

A fabulous article in the New York Times about photographer Julius Shulman (click here for article), prompted me to dive into TCPL’s architecture collection.  I came out with Modernism Rediscovered, by Pierluigi Serraino and Julius Shulman.  Containing over 300 modern masterpieces, ArtNews said “If buildings were people, those in Julius Shulman’s photographs would be Grace Kelly:  classically elegant, intriguingly remote”.   Modernism Rediscovered is highly browsable and will have you looking at the urban landscape in an entirely different fashion.     Locally, the Curtis Grace House received Mid-Century Modern Stewardship Award from the Indiana Modern Committee of Indiana Landmarks, Indianapolis. Click here to view.

Amy P.

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