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The Lion Is In by Delia Ephron

It’s Thelma & Louise…in book form!  Delia Ephron’s The Lion is In is a chick-lit ‘on the road’ story. Two best friends from childhood, Lana and Tracee, flee Baltimore in Lana’s beloved yellow Mustang.  Tracee is wearing a wedding dress.  They are joined by 50-year old Rita, who they meet walking down a rural highway, dressed in her Sunday best.  What are they running from?  And what role does Marcel, the retired circus lion play in their deliverance?  Purrrfect…for a summer read.  Don’t forget to read some of the other titles by the Ephron sisters – Nora, Delia, Amy and Hallie. To look them up in Tipcat click here.

Amy P.

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