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Running Away to Home by Jennifer Wilson

Running away to Home by Jennifer Wilson is a fascinating look at another culture through the eyes of an American family.  Wilson, her husband, Jim, and two young children, spent four months in Croatia in the village of Mrkpalj, from whence Wilson’s great grandparents emigrated to America.  One day the Wilsons are living the hectic life in Des Moines, Iowa, and the next…they are in Croatia, together 24/7 with only a rudimentary knowledge of the language.  The characters they meet are outrageous, yet the connection they make are truly heart-warming and life-changing. Wilson is honest in her depictions of challenges, and also, warm, funny and introspective about what they learned as a family.  I was disappointed that the book did not have any pictures.  However, the author’s website contains a book trailer, and photo and e-journals (click here to view).    Great book club reading.  Highly recommended.

Amy P.

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