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Vacation by Matthew Costello

Vacation by Matthew Costello contains a common horror theme-disaster strikes and afterwards humans are only safe in small restricted areas around the country.  In this case disaster was too much tinkering with and genetically modifying the nation’s food supply coupled with a massive drought.  The results were that some citizens became “can-heads” who seek other citizens to eat and some citizens have to hide from them.  Regular citizens must live in heavily guarded, secure areas and make do with synthetic and soy based food.  The main character, Jack, is a NYC cop who is injured in the line of duty and is persuaded by his wife Christie to take a vacation with her and the kids to Paterville Camp, a supposedly ultra secure oasis in the mountains with a lake (and they serve real food!).  Paterville Camp tries to recruit Jack to stay on as head of their security and offers the chance at a life of real food and fun outdoors.  If he goes back to NYC, his family must remain in their house in the enclosed area  and as a cop he can only leave the police station in a special secure car if there is a dire emergency (it is too dangerous to patrol the streets).  Paterville Camp is not what it seems though and what I like about Vacation is the unexpected ending.  A quick read.

Stacy W.

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