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1222 by Anne Holt

Jo Nesbo calls Anne Holt, author of 1222, “the godmother of modern Norwegian crime fiction” and I know why!  Her work is wonderful and I am so delighted that her Hanne Wilhelmsen detection novels are beginning to be translated into English.  1222 is the 3rd of the Wilhelmsen novels. The first two are being translated into English and published during June and December 2012. Hanne Wilhelmsen is a retired police inspector, lesbian, and paraplegic.   She’s gruff and observant.  While on a train trip to the northern reaches of Norway, a blinding storm at 1222 meters above sea level (hence the title) derails the train.  The passengers disembark to an atmospheric resort hotel where murder ensues.  Is the key to these unusual incidents the mysterious passengers in the special train car?  Is it international terrorism?  Is the Norwegian royal family involved?   Holt is an excellent writer and her well delineated characters make this a fun read.

Amy P.

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