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Welcome to the Fallen Paradise by Dayne Sherman

When Jesse Tadlock’s mother dies and leaves him a life insurance policy, he decides to leave his career in the Army to move back home to Louisiana.  The local sheriff promises him a job and his old girlfriend is divorced and interested in going out with him again.  Jesse takes his savings and buys himself a truck and then uses his inheritance to buy 10 acres with a house in an unfamiliar area of his home county.  Things are really looking up for Jesse until a couple days later when his little dog starts barking and he discovers a massive guy in his yard with an equally massive pit bull.  The man threatens Jesse and says he has 72 hours to get off his property.  Although Jesse explains that he paid cash for the property and has the title free and clear, the man does not care.  Then the sheriff reneges on the job offer.  After the law turns a blind eye to the scary trespasser, Jesse turns to his Uncle Red who gladly takes up the cause and who believes in solving problems in his own, sometimes violent, way.  Heartache ensues.  Welcome to the Fallen Paradise  is a great read from first time novelist Dayne Sherman.

Stacy W.

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