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Poor Girl Gourmet by Amy McCoy

I enjoy cooking, but sometimes my eyes bug out at the cost of the ingredients on my grocery list.  Poor Girl Gourmet is a fantastic cookbook if you are interested in creating dishes that are delicious, and on the cheaper side.  The ingredients and instructions are easy to read, and are well organized on the page. A majority of the recipes have a picture to show how  mouth-wateringly delicious the finished product should look. Each recipe lists the portions the dish serves, and an estimated cost of preparation. Keep in mind, this book was published in 2010, so prices may be a little different.  A few of my favorite recipes from this cookbook are the Pea Soup with Mint, Roasted Carrots with Thyme, Kale Lasagna with Walnut Pesto, Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Apple Crumble with Dried Cranberries. Some of these dishes freeze well, and taste just as great later.

Marlene K.

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