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The Dummy Line by Bobby Cole

If you start reading The Dummy Line by Bobby Cole you will not be able to stop thinking about it until you are done.  In this novel Jake Crosby loves that his nine year old daughter Katy is just as into hunting as he is and knows to savor it-who knows if she’ll still be interested in hanging out with her dad when she becomes a teenager?  He plans her first turkey hunt and they leave for the remote (cell phone service non existent) hunting camp in the late afternoon so they can wake up before dawn, bag a turkey or two, and be home by the afternoon.  After he settles Katy down for bed in the camper though, Jake hears several drunk men breaking into the camp and grabs his shotgun.  The camp invaders are evil poachers and they start taunting Jake with what they’re gonna do to his daughter.  One of the men shoots towards the camper where Katy is sleeping and Jake then shoots and kills one of the men.  He has essentially just signed his death warrant so he grabs Katy and flees into the woods.  Meanwhile in another part of the woods two teenagers are parking and they too will have a bad experience with the poachers-the boy is severely beaten and the girl runs for her life with the poachers (one a sex offender) hunting her.  So now in these hundreds of acres of woods we have a desperate father, a daughter, and a teenage girl trying to escape what will surely be torture, rape, and death if they are caught.  Lots of twists and turns and my only beef with the book is that it ends ok for most of the innocent victims.  But I would say a stellar first effort for the author!

Stacy W.

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