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13 Bullets by David Wellington

If you like your vampires to be mean killer monsters and not romantic figures pining away for relationships with humans, 13 Bullets by David Wellington is for you.  Forget any of the classic defensive weapons that you might think will protect you-daylight, crucifixes, etc-none of this will work on Wellington’s vampires.  If they have fed recently they are pretty unstoppable becaause nothing will penetrate their skin and even if they are wounded they will heel instantly.  The only good thing is that usually there are only a few vampires operating at any one time worldwide.  These vampires are vulnerable if they have not eaten  for awhile and then if you can get a hold of their heart and destroy it you will live to see another day.  In 13 Bullets state trooper Laura Caxton is helping with a sobriety checkpoint when she encounters a vampire’s assistant (a half dead).  The U.S. Marshals send Jameson Arkeley, who is the only vampire fighter on the federal payroll, to help her.  They start tracking the vampire from there and find more than they bargained for.  Wellington has written several vampire books featuring Laura Caxton that are now on my list of horror books to read.  A refreshing change from the Twilight series!

Stacy W.

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