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Draw the Dark by Ilsa J. Bick

Imagine being a 17 year boy in a small town in Wisconsin that the town wants to forget along with it’s past history of Nazis. That is the life the lead character in Draw the Dark, Christian Cage, has been living since he was 3 years old. Christian his whole life dreams of his parents being in a “sideways place” and he wakes up with drawings he does not remember completing. One of his drawings on a barn is the main thrust for him to discover that the town he grew up in had a sordid past and that the present is based on lies from that time. Christian along with his Uncle Hank, and friends find the way to discover the truth of the past. This book kept my attention through out and once you are done with it you are able to understand what exactly drives Christian to do his drawings. Very well written young adult novel by Ilsa J. Bick that will be a great read for anyone.

Jolene L.

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