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Kirby’s Way by Angie Klink

You can be right smack up against history every day without knowing it.  Especially the history of your own community.   Kirby’s Way by author Angie Klink tells the personal, social, and business history of Kirby and Caroline Risk and the company they built in Lafayette Indiana, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply.   From a larger perspective, it’s the story of early 20th century entrepreneurship, and the move from an agrarian economy to a manufacturing one.  Klink deftly weaves the social and political history of the times in with this compelling story.  We see William Jennings Bryan influence Risk’s personal and political life and learn that Caroline Robinson from Boswell was one of the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair queen contestants!  Her elevation to the ‘world stage’ propelled Kirby to propose.  Through their church, the Risks were involved in the resettling of Cuban refugees in 1950s Lafayette.  Just shy of 300 highly readable pages with photos and correspondence excerpts, Kirby’s Way covers the period from the 1890s to the 1980s.  Kirby and Caroline Risk had a remarkable marriage as this book attests.  Recommended reading for entrepreneurs, social historians, and good neighbors.  Kirby’s Way would be an excellent resource for high school business and social studies courses.

Amy P.

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  1. Amy,

    Thank you for such a lovely, heartfelt review of Kirby’s Way! My hope is that after reading people may have more “lightbulb Kirby Risk moments” of compassion, benevolence, and love of community.

    Happy reading!

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