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By Blood by Ellen Ullman

I love a story with an unreliable narrator and the unnamed, disgraced professor in By Blood by Ellen Ullman is as unreliable as they come.  The stage is set in the early 1970’s San Francisco. The Zodiac killer is on the loose, Patty Hearst is toting a gun, and our narrator is inserting himself in [...]

Birds of a Lesser Paradise by Megan Mayhew Bergman

Birds of a Lesser Paradise is a book  of short stories that is as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking. In my favorite story of the bunch “Housewifely Arts” a woman drives for hours with her small son to a zoo to see a parrot her mother once owned. Her mother is dead and the bird [...]

David Nash by David Nash

I came upon the work of British Sculptor, David Nash, in a circuitous way.  I subscribe to an email art alert service called ArtFinder which brings much of British modernism my way.  I use it as a way to learn about artists.  Interestingly enough, the artists’ work that attracts me the most is quite often [...]

420 Characters by Lou Beach

420 Characters by Lou Beach is a book of very short, short stories that began as a series of Facebook status updates. All are limited to 420 characters but feel surprisingly complete. Let me give you an example: THERE WAS A MOUSE that lived behind the big metal trash can in the kitchen. Mother weighed [...]

Little Boy Blue by Kim Kavin

Little Boy Blue by Kim Kavin is an exploration of a puppy’s life before he was saved from death in an animal shelter.  Kavin’s story about Blue may not be shocking to those already familiar with animal rescue but it is shocking to her.  Blue was rescued from a shelter with an over 90% kill [...]

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