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420 Characters by Lou Beach

420 Characters by Lou Beach is a book of very short, short stories that began as a series of Facebook status updates. All are limited to 420 characters but feel surprisingly complete. Let me give you an example: THERE WAS A MOUSE that lived behind the big metal trash can in the kitchen. Mother weighed the can’s lid down with a brick to forestall rodent encroachment. She wrapped a piece of twine around it, tied it to the handle at the center of the lid. One day she returned from the mill to find the twine chewed through. The brick lay on the linoleum, looking guilty. This is a story in its entirety! The range of subjects is crazy diverse. They are like little worlds where the common and unusual meet up.  This is a great book when you don’t have much time but need a short diversion. Recommended to the open minded.

Sherri M.

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