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Little Boy Blue by Kim Kavin

Little Boy Blue by Kim Kavin is an exploration of a puppy’s life before he was saved from death in an animal shelter.  Kavin’s story about Blue may not be shocking to those already familiar with animal rescue but it is shocking to her.  Blue was rescued from a shelter with an over 90% kill rate that still utilizes a horrific gas chamber to euthanize their animals.  Doing research, Kavin finds that many shelters spend more money on killing than on trying to adopt out their animals.  She is appalled to learn that many states allow shelters to immediately kill any animal that is surrendered by their owner. She has some interesting observations about how geography plays a big role in how our citizens behave towards animals- in some areas hardly anyone spays/neuters their animals. In other areas where most animals are “fixed” everyone tends to ignore perfectly good shelter animals in order to buy from pet stores and breeders.  Attitudes are changing but at too slow a pace for Kavin who notes that if it took you 3 days to read her book, 42,000 perfectly good (not sick or vicious) animals were put to sleep in that time.  She also discovers that not all kill shelter directors are totally evil and not all rescue people are good.  Eye opening.

Stacy W.

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