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Settled in the Wild by Susan Hand Shetterly

The New York Times Book Review Essay is often a wonderful place to find titles of interest.  In an article devoted to the familiar essay, I stumbled on Susan Hand Shetterly’s  Settled in the Wild,  set in Prospect Harbor, Maine.  Shetterly left the New York city suburbs in June of 1971 and many of her essays describe all that she has learned from the land, animals, and her neighbors. The 26 essays are written simply.My favorites involve the animals — a raven called Chac, and another about a garter snake.  Better known for her childrens’ titles, including The Tinker of Salt Cove and Shelterwood, Shetterly has also written another book of essays, The New Year’s Owl.  Like Annie Dillard, this author’s clear perspective on nature is not to be missed.

Amy P.

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