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The Magnificent Trees of the New York Botanical Garden by Larry Lederman

The Magnificent Trees of the New York Botanical Garden is an evocative walk through the seasons in this very special civic garden. The photographer, Larry Lederman, is a lawyer by profession, and landscape photographer by avocation. He spent over 10 years practicing in the garden after work and on weekends! His enthusiasm for photography is evident in his 2-page introduction. A brief history of the garden follows. The next 240 pages are filled with photographic portraits of notable trees arranged by seasons. Very brief accompanying notes provide both the scientific and common name of the trees along with the provenance, and whether native to North America or imported. The book concludes with a short chapter on stewarding the landscape followed by ten photographic tips from Lederman. Magnificent Trees is a beautifully designed book from Monacelli Press that provides an enticement for a visit to the 250- acre Botanical Garden, or a wonderful remembrance of past rambles. Highly recommended.

Amy P.

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